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Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered, including the diagnosis, the treatment, monitoring the patients and their health status, the patient-medical professional relationship but also the management and organization of the health systems. The new challenges in the medical field, brought by 4.0 Industry development, especially in the psychiatric field, create new needs of training for the mental health professionals like raising awareness about Health 4.0 benefits of digitalisation, gaining knowledge about digital technologies applications in the specific sector of mental healthcare, be able to identify which of these technologies can be included in official education paths and designing strategies to do it, as mentioned in the Course Curriculum.

The handbook contains guidelines for trainers about the use of the materials created in the Eucare 4.0 project, during the training sessions, according to the course curriculum, which can be found on the project site. What a trainer should have in focus when preparing for the course is:  how to use the online-learning methods and better make use of its advantages for learners, what to underlie when conceiving the training, how to increase learning experiences efficiency by using informal and non-formal methods (for example, assessments while having the course and quizzes).

To support the VET trainers, teachers, and mentors to produce a high impact on the final target group regarding the use of Industry 4.0 in caring for patients with mental health needs, materials created in Eucare 4.0 are available at https://extension.uc3m.es/ and https://eucare40.eu/